You don’t want to pick a fight with 50 Cent. Not only does the man have an insane amount of power (pun fully intended), he also has no problem calling you out to his millions of followers if you don’t come correct. Fif has been known to collect debts in the last twelve months, turning his social profile to a place where his enemies make up the majority of his content. This week, the superstar talent is working on an upcoming television venture about Isaac Wright Jr with ABC and, in between scenes, Curtis Jackson decided to show off his gains to the world.

Instead of simply letting us see his transformed body during the show’s pilot, Fiddy chose to treat his fans with some information about just how hard he’s been training recently. “My New ABC show is intense, I filmed yesterday I’m still bugging,” typed the rapper on Instagram. “I gained 15 pounds for this role.”

Normally, 50 Cent isn’t entirely a lanky dude. He’s actually a pretty muscular guy to start. However, his new body is impressing a number of folks in his comments, who can’t help but point out how healthy he’s looking at this weight. Fif’s arms are looking insanely large and he even showed everyone how crazy he goes at the gym, hitting the bench and pushing some heavy weight on the barbell.

Looking good, 50. Keep up the hard work!