50 Cent has publicly distanced himself from 6ix9ine ever since the snitching reports surfaced. Fif claimed that he hasn't spoken to 6ix9ine since his incarceration nor does he have any sort of interest in picking up a call from the "GUMMO" rapper. However, that might not be entirely true. Fif had a very close connection to 6ix9ine during the rainbow-haired rapper's reign. Apparently, he even tried to help out 6ix9ine when he was first arrested.

Lawyer Isaac Wright Jr, who's set to work with Fif on ABC's upcoming show, For Life, has a different story about 50 Cent's involvement in 6ix9ine's case. Apparently, the Power exec. actually reached out to Wright to represent 6ix9ine in the case. Wright took to Instagram to share his side of the story. He explained that he actually considered representing 6ix9ine, going as far as visiting the incarcerated rapper at two different prisons which became the first indication Tekashi was working with the feds.

"50 called me and asked me to represent 69. I went to check him at MDC in Brooklyn," he wrote. "When I got there, they gave me an excuse that he was in Court then immediately transferred him to Queens detention. When I went to Queens, 69 refused to see me. That's when it was clear he was cooperating. Sad part is, he didn't have to do that. I would have got him off without him having to sell his soul."

This bit of the interview warranted Ja Ruleto also chime in. While Fif suggested he couldn't associate with a snitch, Ja Rule brought up the allegations that 50 Cent snitched. Despite this, Ja Rule is still at the butt-end of jokes because lord knows that he'll never live down the endless amount of L's he's taken in the past fifteen years of his career.