The feud between Ja Rule and 50 Cent has been ongoing for years. There is seemingly nothing that either one of them can do to regain the trust of the other. The G-Unit and Murder Inc. rappers have never really liked each other and though their beef took a backseat to the infighting between 50 and Young Buck, Rule is back in the picture. After his performance at the sold-out Saudi Arabia concert, Fiddy logged online to see that Ja Rule and Irv Gotti had gotten themselves in a little scuffle at the club. He just had to comment on the situation but Ja wasn't impressed with his response, calling out Curtis for allegedly snitching in the past.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Ja Rule took to his own social network to tell his side of the story. He didn't really go into what happened at S.O.B's but he sure as hell wanted everybody to know that 50 Cent is not the right man to get behind. Their back-and-forth bickering continued when Rule shared a video of a rat taking a shower, humming along as the water drips down. On the next slide, he included paperwork from Jimmy Henchman's murder case against Lodi Mack, affirming that Fiddy was an informant (AKA snitch), providing the DEA with information about the case. 

"Curtis is that you," wrote Ja. "Of ALL people you know what it feel like to get yo ass whoop by me my n***as lol… SCARED FOR YOUR LIFE AS N***A… oh I know this paperwork is FAKE too lmao. I CHALLENGE ANY BLOG ANY NEWS OUTLET see if those officers on this paperwork exists find them interview them 50 you pee sitting down bitch ass n***a."

Are you siding with 50 Cent or Ja Rule?