Tomorrow is shaping up to be a stacked release day, with Boogie’s Everything’s For Sale, Karlae & Rich The Kid’s “RXCH,” and now, some new-new set to drop courtesy of Yo Gotti and Lil Baby. The track in question, the appropriately titled “Put A Date On It,” has been in the works for a minute, and Yo Gotti recently took to Instagram to provide a sneak peek. The instrumental continues to forge a trend, employing triumphant brass, not unlike T-Minus’ work on J. Cole’s “Middle Child;” perhaps this is the musical energy we can expect for the early part of the year?

In any case, the instrumental in question sounds like a genuine banger, with a creeping element adding a welcome juxtaposition effect. While we have yet to hear vocal contributions from either party, it’s likely that “Put A Date On It” will mark a worthwhile arrival for both artists. Should you be interested in catching the snippet, head over to Yo Gotti’s IG page; we’d embed it for your convenience, but technical difficulties are rearing their unwelcome head. 

Yo Gotti & Lil Baby Put A Date On "Put A Date On It"
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images