Ghostface Killah erected a webpage with a running countdown just to mark the dying minutes before his Ghostface Killahs project hits the shelves. As it stands, the meter sits at 26 days and a handful of minutes before takeoff, to convey a release date of August 30th, 2019. That’s not all: GFK also Tweeted out the cover design, as well as the prospective tracklist for the project, bunched together in one convenient post.

Ghostface Killahs

1. Killah Intro
2. Me, Denny & Darryl (Ft. Method Man & Cappadonna)
3. Burner To Burner (Ft. Inspectah Deck & Cappadonna)
4. Flex (Ft. Harley)
5. News Report (Skit)
6. Conditioning
7. Fly Everything (Ft. Sun God & Shawn Wigs)
8. Party Over Here
9. Pistol Smoke (Ft. Solomon Childs)
10. Revolution (Skit)
11. New World (Ft. Eamon)
12. Waffles And Ice Cream (Ft. Cappadonna)
13. The Chase (Ft. Sub God)
14. Soursop (Ft. Masta Killa, Harley & Solomon Childs)

In recent time, Ghostface has quietly gone about his business, co-headlining the critically acclaimed Czarface Meets Ghostface project in February of this year. Shortly thereafter, Ghostface dropped down to anchor Wu-Tang’s Mics and Men EP in the Springtime. As evidenced by the above tracklist, Ghostface Killahs will feature two previously enjoyed songs, “Conditioning” and “”Party Over Here,” as well as contributions from the likes of Method Man, Cappadonna, the Rebel INS, and several other members of the Wu-Faithful.