Sean Combs is a man on the move, and sometimes when life is fast-paced, it’s difficult to find time to slow down and process your emotions. Diddy maintains multiple multi-million dollar companies, makes appearances and live performances, and all the while is a single father of six children, three of whom are minors.

His public life is on display, highlighting his breakup with Cassie Ventura after being together for over 10 years and the passing of Kim Porter, his true love and mother of four of his kids.  Like many others, Nipsey Hussle’s death shook him to the core, and with everything going on, it was time that Diddy had a “woo sah” moment. He has been on his motivation kick lately, and recently he shared a video clip on Instagram where he said that he finally took some time to release all of the emotions he’s kept bottled up inside for so long.

“Man, I ain’t gon’ lie,” Diddy begins. “I’ve been holding a lot of s**t in lately. Man, I just had a three and a half hour cry and I just let it all out or as much as I could tap into. That s**t felt great. Sometimes you gotta let that s**t out. Everybody out there—men, women, and child—don’t be leaving nothing bottled up. Let that thing out. God be right there to let you know, ‘Come on, let’s get up, let’s go.’ But I had me a three and a half hour cry. God is good. Let it go y’all.”

Killer Mike came through with words of encouragement by writing, “‘Can’t pick up no crown holding what’s holding u down.’ Amen. Lay your burdens down!” Kashdoll said, “You got this,” and Ty Dolla $ign stopped through with “Love u big brada.” Lala Anthony added, “This is so right‼️” while Pharrell dropped off three emojis: a key, a yellow heart, and praying hands. Kid Ink may need a cry of his own because he said: “I could use that same remedy.” Tasha Smith sent Diddy blessings as Shaunie O’Neal told him to “Let it out!”

In true Diddy fashion, the hip hop mogul took a moment to release before sharing on social media that Ciroc has a new Summer Watermelon flavor for a limited time only. Work never rests.