Lil Durk just received the boost of all boosts as he prepares a one-month tour across North America. Lil Durk’s father, whom he affectionately refers to as Big Durk just returned from a 25-year prison sentence, the news coming via his personal Twitter account. Pictures of Durk and his father uniting for his return meal began sprouting on Reddit, shortly thereafter.

Back in 2014, Lil Durk talked to DJ Vlad about his father’s incarceration, from which we learned that his father’s street alias of “Big Durk” was the basis for his nickname. Not only that but “Big Durk” aka Dontay Banks was in some way responsible for shaping his son’s identity as a rapper, made apparent through a message he passed along while incarcerated (via

“As it started out, I had a life sentence for the stooge pigeons who told on me. I been doing that time for 22 years now. …But by the grace of Allah, I got that blessing and won the appeal and now I’ll be out in a few years… to be with my boy, to be with my sons and be where I’m supposed to be in life and do the things I’m supposed to do as a father.” – Big Durk aka Dontay Banks.

Lil Durk, however economic in his use of language, is never one to turn away from his emotional side. Within the same 24 hour window, Lil Durk seems to have adopted the skull cap of his father in a message of solidarity for ATL rapper Ralo, currently awaiting trial on Drug Trafficking charges. May their kinship last forever and a day.