Whenever Lil Xan drops a new song, you’re bound to see a swarm of haters slide into the comments without even listening to it. To their point, much of Lil Xan’s music has done nothing to prove his detractors wrong. However, he does deserve a shot at redeeming himself. The young star started teasing a new project called Be Safe, which was inspired by the final words Mac Miller ever said to him, and it’s unclear whether that’s still in the works. For now, his supporters will need to settle for a singular new effort titled “West Side.”

Raised in California, Lil Xan has been a West Coast kid for much of his life. He resides in Los Angeles these days and the air got him so inspired that he wanted to write a song about just how much he loves his side. “West Side” has just been uploaded to streaming services worldwide and it’s sure to get his fans jumping during his concerts. Rapping about money, girls, and more, the lyrical content stays consistent with Xan’s usual thematics.

Have a listen to the new song below and let us know if you hear an improvement.


Quotable Lyrics:

Ride my bike all the way to the liquor store
Grab an O.E, blunts rolled, pour lean
If you see a cop, know it’s always fuck the cops
Lights flash, Tay-K do the dash