When Be Safe was first announced, Lil Xan said that it should be ready by December 2018. As you know by now, it did not release then. After, Xan updated the schedule, telling fans that February was the month for its release. Again, it was pushed back. Perhaps this is for the best as Diego continues to work on his sound, perfecting his current product until he believes his fans will love it. The first cover artwork included a photo of Mac Miller, which many believed was disrespectful. The artist seemingly listened to the people, switching things up and replacing the late rapper with a collage of cigarettes and Xanax bars. Now, it appears Xan has changed his mind again, displaying the third and "final" cover for the upcoming project.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

After announcing that his girlfriend is five weeks pregnant with his first baby, Diego may have pushed back Be Safe in case he gets a jolt of inspiration after becoming a father. His new album cover shows him sitting on the floor with his legs crossed, smoking a cigarette and reading. The image was converted to black and white with the words "Be Safe" popping in colorful letters. The cover is definitely simple but it seems to be a perfect fit for Lil Xan, who announced that he would be moving forward with this photo.

With a February release now out of the question, Lil Xan is assuring fans that his sophomore effort is still on the way. He just wants to make sure it's as good as he knows it can be.