Kodak Black might be swearing off sexual intercourse but he sure as hell isn’t shying away from the bottle. No shade but that Don Q – A Boogie tirade was a bit of a sh*tshow that could have been solved via DM. Even the rant outside an LA nightclub last month seemed like it was jet-fueled.

To put this in perspective: there’s no way of knowing if he’s actually taking good care of himself at the present moment. Rest assured, the studio grind does cut in on physical and mental wellness because time constraints lead to unhealthy choices do they not?

But that only begins to explain his erratic behavior. Kodak’s latest Twitter musings paint his unpredictability under a certain light. The first Tweet I’m going to highlight is more benign than the second. The big idea is that Kodak is a “Special Kid” with innate on-screen ability. You’ve seen him on Instagram live, and he held your attention, as he did mine.


Kodak’s 2nd Tweet was issued in remembrance of “Roll In Peace” partner-in-crime XXXTentacion. Beyond his genuine concern for the rapper, his family, their dealings, as well as anecdote of his own, the fact still “communicates” with XXX months after his death. Before you ridicule Kodak Black for his seemingly superstitious remark, take a moment to consider your own personal folklore and convictions.