Lloyd Banks is admittedly excited about this. We’re sure he’s totally in love with his daughter but Lloyd Banks is incredibly stoked about having a baby boy. He’s already gushing about it on Instagram.

The former G-Unit member went to his social media outlets to reveal the good news, sharing with the world that he’s expecting a baby boy. He even came prepared with a photo of blue balloons. Banks is most excited to have a mini-me so that he can dress him up in vintage outfits that any New Yorker would be proud of. We’re talking Timbs, fitted caps, headbands, J’s, and hoodies. He’s even prepared to get his son interested in sports and a potential rap career, writing in all the necessary emojis to do the talking for him.

50 Cent recently announced Lloyd Banks’ departure from G-Unit and earlier this year, it was rumored that he was retiring from the game. While the retirement talk was later debunked, there will always be rumblings being thrown around. A G-Unit reunion has also been one of the hot topics for a few years but it’s looking more likely that the artists’ kids team up instead of the OG’s. What do you think? Sire Jackson collaborating with Lloyd’s future son?

Congratulations to Banks and his family!