While we all wait for some news (any news…) about Lil Wayne’s upcoming album Tha Carter V, issues from the past are being brought up. Namely, Weezy’s beef with Clipse. The group made up of No Malice and Pusha T had their issues with Lil Wayne and while all sides are cool now, things got a little heated at the climax. Their beef actually began because of BAPE, which is a pretty weird thing to fight over. Malice and Push were rocking the brand early on and after Weezy started messing with BAPE designs, many thought that a line in “Mr. Me Too” was about the New Orleans artist. “N—as bite the style from the shoes to the watches,” was the lyric in question and when Wayne said he simply liked BAPE, things started to pop off. 

They may not hate each other anymore but Curren$y has been thinking about the beef for a minute, revealing that he had a role in kicking things off. On Complex’s Full Size Run with Trinidad James, Curren$y jokes about possibly being responsible for how heated things got between Clipse and Wayne. He said, “They was mad with that dude for BAPE, and I’m the one who told that dude to get that. So I was like, ‘Don’t be mad,’ like motherfuckers thought shit was dope. [Wayne] wasn’t ignoring their existence, he just did not get it, he didn’t get it from them.”

Watch the full episode below and fast forward to the 8:22 mark to hear him address the beef.

Curren$y, Lil Wayne & Clipse

Curren$y Jokes About Being The Reason For Lil Wayne & Pusha T Beef