Snoop Dogg Sparks Up A Blunt At The White House

Snoop Dogg documented his “smooth” journey to the White House.

BYAlex Zidel
Snoop Dogg Sparks Up A Blunt At The White House

Snoop Dogg has always been a character. We've loved him for years as he's turned into the uncle we all wish we had. At times, he's funny. At others, he can spit some real talk. Sometimes, he combines the two to send a message. Tuesday's midterm elections were a major story in the United States with many artists urging their fans to get out and vote. Donald Trump has been critiqued heavily for his unconventional tactics as President and Snoop has been a major source of scrutiny. He decided to make his way to the White House to leave his mark, lighting up a blunt as he observed the Secret Service from afar.

Of course, he documented the entire process as his Instagram is filled with videos of him doing his thing. At first, he wasn't sure if he wanted to actually step foot onto the property but he asked his driver to park the car, making his way over to a few benches. Along the way, he took some photos with fans and even complimented an elderly man on his hair. 

The West Coast legend was excited about his visit, going a little overboard with posts from the President's home. He has been critical of Trump in the past. Now, he's fine sparking up in front of his house to send a message. In his words, he just "had 2 do it."

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