Nav admits he’s not the greatest Fortnite player of all time, but he’s confident he’s the best rapper playing, and he’s willing to put $10,000 on the claim. As pointed out by DJ Akademiks, Nav recently made some bold claims on a live stream. “Any rapper who wants to face me in Fortnite playground — $10,000 game, let’s go,” he said. “Put your money where your mouth is, and we’ll do it on stream.”

In March, Drake and Travis Scott joined popular Twitch streamer Ninja for a four-hour Fortnite session, breaking streaming records in the process. Both Logic and Lil Yachty have been known to play as well, and tend to be pretty confident in their skills. At the time of Drake’s stream, Logic tweeted, “Tell the boy drizzy he don’t want it with Bobby!” We’ll have to wait and see if he’s ready to put his money where his mouth is.

In May, Nav released his Reckless album. Earlier this summer, he appeared on “Yosemite” from Travis’ Astroworld album, contributing a verse which inspired its own meme. It’s got us wondering if Nav and Travis have ever sat down for a Fortnite sesh. 

Looking at the comments of the Instagram post, many rappers are being volunteered by fans. We’ll keep you posted if a challenge gets off the ground.