Last night, Drake reverted back to the Silver City Indigo days, blocking out the noise for an evening of binge-gaming. And as this is Drake, going incognito is far from an option; the man breathes spectacle, and his legion of fans are eager for every minute of it. While his Toronto-centric album is no doubt en route, the rapper took a respite to indulge in the latest gaming phenomenon, Fortnite. Teaming with streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins,  Drizzy hopped on Twitch to live-stream his four-hour gaming session. In true Drake fashion, the six God's mere presence was enough to bring in over 600,000 users; and thus,  Dr DisRespect's previous record of 388,000 was obliterated.

Eventually, Travis Scott and Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster joined in on the action. And while they didn't end up joining the squad, both Logic and Lil Yachty seemed eager to get in on the action. "Tell the boy drizzy he don’t want it with Bobby!" tweeted Logic, who no doubt holds the crown as one of hip-hop's more proficient gamers.

Apparently, Drake has been grinding on Fortnite for the past couple months, playing in the studio during break-time. One wonders if there will be any references to the game on his forthcoming album.  Either way, the event was an enjoyable and entertaining collision of two worlds. Did you tune in to catch this?