Nicki Minaj’s new album Queen is dare I say, GMO-free, or less so than I thought. Her combative tetchy manner is best employed on a song, not in the doldrums of an Inbox no one will read. Dear Nicki, don’t waste your breath. Her “How to Rob-esque” number “Barbie Dream” completely disregarded gender denomination, because let’s face it, Nicki Minaj has earned the right to point her dagger at anyone she so chooses. This is how “The Internet” seized up the situation, those who made it through the wilderness of a heatwave.

This Tweeter reserved his spiel for the tough guy invertebrates scared to divulge their Nicki fan fiction.

Each step forward coincides with a little resistance from some guy named KOD.

Her supporters say they hear the old mixtape Nicki, do you agree?

Yeah.. Meek Mill probably moved on? Maybe he didn’t, but love is war fam.

I guess some folks have amnesia. How many times was the album postponed?

“I tried to fuck 50 for a powerful hour
But all that n**** wanna do is talk Power for hours” was pretty clever yes. Of all her male victims on “Barbie Dreams,” 50 Cent was one of the few callouts to receive unintentional product placement in the process. Thank you Nicki.

Nicki and Twitter connected like Lob City on this one. The Wendy Williams Statue of Liberty meme is infinitely important.

Nicki refused to remove her shoes when she entered the house.

How did you react to Queen upon hearing it?