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  • Cover of J. Cole Explains His Decision To Push Up "Born Sinner"
    The past week there has been a lot of confusion surrounding J. Cole's release date for Born Sinner. The were rumors he was pushing the release date back, rumors he was pushing it up-- basically, we didn't know when it was actually dropping.
  • Cover of J. Cole Reveals Cover Art For "Born Sinner," Confirms Album Is Completed [Update: Album Dropping June 18th]
    Although it still remains unclear whether J. Cole will be pushing his album release up to June 18th, or is keeping it on the original June 25th date, the rapper is nonetheless ready to deliver the cover art for Born Sinner today.
  • Cover of Rumor: J. Cole Pushing Up "Born Sinner" Album Release Date?
    While rappers are often criticized for delaying projects, it is not often that we get a rapper pushing up an album's release, although it is sure to please fans. J.
  • Cover of Yo Momma: Rappers & Their Moms
    Even the grittiest of gangster rappers have their mothers to thank for much of their success, and they don't always get the credit or respect they deserve. As such, and in celebration of Mother's Day, we've compiled a gallery of 25 photos of emcees with their moms, from Tupac Shakur to Kanye West. 
  • Cover of J. Cole & The Roots To Perform At Philadelphia's 4th Of July Jam
    As reported by HipHopDX, J. Cole, The Roots, Ne-Yo, Jill Scott and John Mayer will be headlining Philadelphia's free 4th of July Jam at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • Cover of Top Tracks Of The Week: April 29-May 5
    This new feature highlights a hand-picked selection of some of the bigger tracks of the week. We have chosen a few of the tracks that landed within our top 25 most played, focusing on those that stood out, and left room for discussion. This edition features J.
  • Cover of Lyrics Of The Week: April 26 - May 2
    There's quite a bit of repetition in the game these days, and specific lyrics tend to get overlooked. This is an opportunity to take a closer listen and really consider what these artists have to say. We encourage your opinions. 
  • Cover of J. Cole Announces "Truly Yours 2"
    J. Cole delivered a treat to fans last night with a freebie track that won't be on his highly anticipated album, Born Sinner. He's keeping the freebies coming though, having taken to Twitter to say that Truly Yours 2 is dropping tomorrow aka today, since he wrote the tweet last night.
  • Cover of Lyrics Of The Week: April 12-18
    There's quite a bit of repetition in the game these days, and specific lyrics tend to get overlooked (with the exception of anything Drake ever drops). This is an opportunity to take a closer listen and really consider what these artists have to say. We encourage your opinions. 
  • Cover of Photos: J. Cole Covers Zink Magazine
     Taking a break from working his upcoming album Born Sinner, J. Cole left the music studio for the photography studio. He was featured on the cover of this month's issue of Zink Magazine.
  • Cover of J. Cole Speaks On "Born Sinner" Album Title & Departure From Basketball Theme
    J. Cole announced the release date for his new album, Born Sinner, recently. The title of this upcoming album sounds like a departure from Cole's last albums, in-and-of itself. While his debut album title, Cole World: The Sideline Story, took the basketball theme of his mixtapes before it, J.
  • Cover of J. Cole Talks On Murdering Miguel In "Power Trip" Video
    J. Cole delivered the official video for his first single off his highly anticipated sophomore album, Born Sinner, the other day.
  • Cover of J. Cole Announces "Born Sinner" Release Date
    After many delays, J. Cole has announced the release date for his sophomore album, Born Sinner. According to a tweet from Cole, the album will be in stores June 25th.
  • Cover of BTS Photos: Video Shoot For J. Cole & Miguel's "Power Trip"
     J. Cole dropped the first single from his upcoming sophomore album a couple months back, and now the rapper and R&B star Miguel have wrapped filming the visuals for "Power Trip". The shoot saw the duo head back to Cole's hometown of Fayettenam, the same spot he filmed the "Who Dat" video.
  • Cover of Yahoo! Announces Tour With Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole & More
    Yahoo! has announced a new tour which will include the likes of Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, as well as special guest appearances by Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean and Trey Songz.The "Yahoo!
  • Cover of J. Cole Says He Doesn't "Give A Fuck" About "Hottest MCs" List, Explains Why It's Dumb
    While some rappers have been extremely passionate about the MTV "Hottest MCs In The Game" list, some rappers, such as the always humble J.
  • Cover of J. Cole Talks On His Production Style & Whether Or Not He Likes Lil B
    J. Cole has a come a long way since his debut mixtape projects and signing with Roc Nation.
  • Cover of J. Cole Talks Friendly Competition With Kendrick Lamar; Says Joint Project "Coming"
     While continuing his sit-down interview with MTV News, J.Cole spoke a little on his upcoming collaborative album with Kendrick Lamar. He talks about the project to be "coming", and the friendly competition the two artists face when working together.During this interview with MTV News, J.
  • Cover of J. Cole Talks On Speaking At Harvard University
    While J. Cole continues to ready his sophomore album, Born Sinner, for release he's been doing more than just the regular old interviews--  the rapper recently had the opportunity to speak at Harvard University.
  • Cover of J. Cole Explains Album Delay
    Delays are nothing new in the music industry, especially the rap game, so when J. Cole announced his album wouldn't be dropping as early as he had previously said, no one batted an eyelash.
  • Cover of J. Cole Discusses "Baby Mama" Theme In Rap, Expected "Born Sinner" Release Date
    J. Cole is keeping his name current, not only by dropping a free EP, Truly Yours, but doing interviews such as the one he did the other day with Power 106's Rikki Martinez.
  • Cover of J. Cole Recalls Losing "Stay" To Nas & "Tears Of Joy" To Rick Ross
    While we wait for J. Cole's delayed sophomore album, Born Sinner, the North Carolina native delivered his EP Truly Yours to occupy us.
  • Cover of J. Cole Says "Power Trip" Reminds Him Of "Cry Me A River"
    Fans were becoming impatient with J. Cole as he continued to push back his solo album and not satiate their appetites with new music.  Recently, the N.C. rapper responded by dropping  a five track EP, Truly Yours, and followed
  • Cover of Review: J. Cole's "Truly Yours" EP
    J.Cole is following the formula that seems to be the norm in the rap game nowadays. In a quest to drum up some buzz for his sophomore album, the Roc Nation rapper has released some new free music. Fans were a little disappointed when Born Sinner, originally slated for a late January release, suffered a few delays.
  • Cover of Charts Don't Lie: February 17th
    All eyes were on the world of music as it was the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, which many artists used as a platform to push new material and make announcements of upcoming projects.   As far as the world of hip hop and R&B went, there were no real notable new releases. 
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