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  • Cover of Lyrics Of The Week: July 5-11
    There's quite a bit of repetition in the game these days, and specific lyrics tend to get overlooked. This is an opportunity to take a closer listen and really consider what these artists have to say. We encourage your opinions. 
  • Cover of BTS Photos: Video Shoot For J. Cole's "Crooked Smile"
    J. Cole, whose album Born Sinner is currently the #1 album on the Billboard 200, has been spotted out in NYC shooting a music video for his single "Crooked Smile." The video is directed by Aristotle. No signs of TLC in the photos though. Check out some photos from the set in the gallery above.  [via]
  • Cover of Wale Talks Jay-Z, Nas & Kanye Comparisons With Himself, J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar, Speaks On Lil Snupe
    Wale was praised by Jay-Z yesterday during his Breakfast Club Interview, when Hov named Wale as a rapper who would still be around in ten years from now. Wale seems to be of a similar opinion as Jay, whose label Roc Nation manages Wale.
  • Cover of J. Cole Tops Charts, "Yeezus" Sits At Number Three
    After 3 weeks of battling with Kanye West, and later Wale, J. Cole's Born Sinner has topped the Billboard charts. Reportedly moving 55,000 units, Cole's album dropped 33% from last week but still edged out its competitors.
  • Cover of Wale Announces New Track With J. Cole, Dropping Tomorrow
    Wale's The Gifted and J. Cole's Born Sinner were officially the top selling albums of last week. Now, it seems the two emcees have teamed up for a new track, which is apparently dropping tomorrow. Wale made the announcement on Twitter moments ago.
  • Cover of Charts Don't Lie: July 7
    This week on Charts Don't Lie we have one new entry, and that's Wale with The Gifted. Wale is an interesting rapper to consider, because there's no denying people love to hate on him.
  • Cover of ScHoolboy Q Reveals Themes Of "Oxymoron," J. Cole Has Production On It
    ScHoolboy Q is next up on the Black Hippy docket, and fans have been anticipating his new album, Oxymoron, for quite some time now.
  • Cover of Charts Don’t Lie: June 30
    We now have the numbers for what was a monumental week in rap history, with Kanye West, J. Cole and Mac Miller all dropping their respective albums on June 18th. And Kelly Rowland.
  • Cover of Game Changers: Nas Edition
    Of the dozens of rappers debated as the G.O.A.T dead or alive, Nas's name probably comes up with the most frequency behind The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac (maybe ahead depending on the source).
  • Cover of J. Cole To Release "The Warm Up" & "Friday Night Lights" Commercially
    J. Cole is in a pretty good place right now. He narrowed the first week sales of Born Sinner and Yeezus to a very close 30,000 copies, and had his idol repsond to him directly on record.
  • Cover of First Week Album Sales Are Here For Kanye West, J. Cole & Mac Miller [Update: Official SoundScan Numbers Revealed]
    Here's what everyone's been waiting for. The first week sales for all those albums that dropped on June 18th have come in!
  • Cover of J. Cole Speaks On "Made Nas Proud", Reveals It's Been In The Works For 2 Weeks
    When the Let Nas Down (Remix) droppped over the weekend, it came as a pleasant surprise to many, but it was unclear how much knowledge J. Cole had of it's existenece before it appeared on Twitter.
  • Cover of J. Cole Talks Being Part Of Dave Chappelle's Block Party & Competing With Kanye West
    J. Cole recently particiapted in an "Ask Me Anything" question session hosted by the online community sharing system Reddit.
  • Cover of Lyrics Of The Week: June 14-20
    There's quite a bit of repetition in the game these days, and specific lyrics tend to get overlooked (with the exception of anything Drake ever drops.) This is an opportunity to take a closer listen and really consider what these artists have to say. We encourage your opinions. 
  • Cover of Review: J. Cole's "Born Sinner"
    Cole World: The Sideline Story was considered somewhat of a disappointment to fans who really knew the raw talent that J. Cole posseses.
  • Cover of First Week Sales Projections For Kanye West, J. Cole, & Mac Miller [Update: More Accurate Numbers Revealed]
    Kanye West, J. Cole, and Mac Miller are all gearing up to release new albums next Tuesday, and as of today all three projects have leaked. The availability of the music only furthers the anticipation for next week, as we predict how much each artist will sell.
  • Cover of J. Cole Fan Seemingly Threatens Sister's Life If Rapper Does Not Retweet Him [Update: Fan Investigated By Police]
    J. Cole is surely excited to drop his sophomore album Born Sinner today, but last night he was given a serious shock when a fan tweeted a photo at him which depicted him pointing a gun at his little sister.
  • Cover of J. Cole Says Nas Was "Honored" & "Highly Impressed" By "Let Nas Down"
    One of the more talked about tracks on J. Cole's Born Sinner is "Let Nas Down." The track details Cole's feeling about hearing that Nas did not approve of his single choice for Cole World.
  • Cover of Jay-Z Says There's "New Rules" While Acknowledging Wale, J. Cole & Kanye West On Twitter
    This Sunday Jay-Z shook up the rap game when it was announced he'd been releasing a new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, in around two weeks, but first releasing it for Samsung Galaxy users for free on July 4th. The rap game is definitely changing, with Hov and Kanye West's minimal album promo a testament to it. 
  • Cover of Mac Miller Explains How He "Wanted To Run" From Dropping The Same Day As Kanye West & J. Cole
    June 18th has become an increasingly anticipated day, originally solely Mac Miller's release date for his upcoming Watching Movies With The Sound Off. Kanye West later announced his own project Yeezus would drop the same day, which then saw J.
  • Cover of J. Cole Comments On His Use Of Word "Faggot" In "Villuminati"
    J. Cole is usually quite conscious and aware of current socio-political issues on his tracks. He's not usually one to swear excessively or use slurs in his music. Thus fans may have been caught offguard when the Cole World rapper used the word "faggot" in a track off his new album, Born Sinner.
  • Cover of Lyrics Of The Week: May 31 - June 6
    There's quite a bit of repetition in the game these days, and specific lyrics tend to get overlooked. This is an opportunity to take a closer listen and really consider what these artists have to say. We encourage your opinions. 
  • Cover of Stream J. Cole's "Born Sinner" In Its Entirety
    J. Cole's Born Sinner leaked last night after coordinated streaming events at various North American locations. As such, he's decided to offer a free stream 11 days before the official June 18 release date.  
  • Cover of J. Cole Explains In-Depth Story Behind "Let Nas Down"
    J. Cole's tracklist has gotten people talking, specifically, the track #15 titled "Let Nas Down." Although Cole recently shut down rumors that he titled a track "I Disappointed Nas," the real title is pretty close. J.
  • Cover of J. Cole To Host One-Time Listening Session For "Born Sinner" On Thursday
     Just like his June 18th "rival" Kanye West, J. Cole is taking his marketing and promotion strategies to the another level.
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