Chris Brown News

  • Cover of Drake & Chris Brown Sue Each Other Over W.i.P. Nightclub Brawl
    It seems the lawsuits stemming from Chris Brown and Drake's brawl that took place at W.i.P. Nightclub are never ending.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Heckled By Man Claiming To Be Crip Outside Nightclub
    Chris Brown continues to be in the cross-fire, whether it's the media or the public who are going at the r'n'b singer.
  • Cover of Police Chief Involved in Chris Brown's Probation Resigns
    More news comes in about Chris Brown's probation fiasco.
  • Cover of Chris Brown's Car Totaled After Run-In With Paparazzi [Update: Paparazzi Deny Causing Accident]
    More bad news coming Chris Brown's way. The singer's latest scandal involves a car crash with the paparazzi, as TMZ reports.Chris Brown's car was totaled today after an alleged hit-and-run with the paparazzi, a representative for the celebrity says.
  • Cover of Tyga Reveals Next Single Featuring Chris Brown
    Tyga is busy prepping his upcoming album, Hotel California, for it's March release. He's already dropped a two songs to get fans hyped for the LP, including the club-appropriate "Molly" joint.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Was In Court Facing Claims He Violated Parole
    Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to have past infractions used against him once his name is in the press for a fight with another artist.  The L.A. District Attorney recently alleged that Brown did not actually complete his community service,
  • Cover of Chris Brown & Lawyer Respond To D.A.'s Recent Accusations [Update: Chris Brown Rant Reportedly Fake]
    Chris Brown, consistently in the news for legal trouble, has some more coming in his way as we reported yesterday. Apparently Breezy is being accused of falsifying or not completing his community service, and as well as calling Frank Ocean a "faggot" in their recent brawl.
  • Cover of D.A. Alleges Chris Brown Did Not Complete Community Service, Frank Ocean Called Homophobic "F-Word"
    More details and twists continue to emerge from the altercation between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown outside a recording studio in L.A.  Recently, Ocean’s manager, who was present for the incident said Brown was trying to “beat the shit out of” Ocean.  Now TMZ has taken a look at the
  • Cover of Tony Parker Cites Chris Brown's Frank Ocean Brawl As New Evidence For W.i.P Nightclub Lawsuit
    In the wake of Chris Brown's altercation with Frank Ocean, Tony Parker is opening up dialogue once again for his lawsuit with W.i.P.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean's Producer Says Chris Brown Tried to "Beat The Living Shit" Out Of Frank
    Michael Uzowuru, a producer who works with Frank Ocean, and Odd Future, claims he witnessed their altercation, and has now spoken up on the matter via a blog post.Uzowuru confirms that the fight did start in the parking lot.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Looking To Forgive Chris Brown, Doesn't Want To Take Legal Action
    It looked like Frank Ocean might be pressing charges on Chris Brown after their altercation went down in L.A.
  • Cover of Rihanna Covers Rolling Stone, Speaks On Relationship With Chris Brown
    Rihanna has nabbed herself yet another cover, this time for Rolling Stone's March issue.Rih Rih discusses her rekindled relationship with Chris Brown, check out an excerpt of that below, as well as her cover.“I decided it was more important for me to be happy.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Open To Talking To Cops About Frank Ocean Altercation
    Yesterday we heard that Frank Ocean is looking to press charges on Chris Brown for the altercation that occurred between the two r'n'b singers and their respective posses over the weekend.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean & Chris Brown Respond To Yesterday's Beef [Update: Ocean Wishes To Press Charges]
    Chris Brown is no stranger to physical altercations, he's also no stranger to twitter rants about his physical altercations, which often wind up with him digging himself an even deeper hole or just deleting his account altogether.Surprisingly, Mr.
  • Cover of Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Brawl Outside L.A. Studio
  • Cover of 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week For Oct. 26 To Nov. 01
    This week in "140 Bars Or Less", Ice T and Bun B gather their rations during Hurricane Sandy, N.O.R.E.
  • Cover of BTS Photos from Chris Brown's "Strip" Video shoot
    Chris Brown shot a video for his single "Strip" (featuring Kevin McCall) off his album "Fortune." He got Colin Tiley to direct it. Check out some behind the scenes photos from the shoot below.
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