While the debate about whether cancel culture is effective or not continues to ring loud, there are some offenses that remain taboo and will quickly get you on the Internet's blacklist. Colorism happens to be one of the offenses people tend to never forget, no matter how many subsequent apologies are issued. 

Queen Naija and DaniLeigh have both faced accusations of colorism. Since the accusations were brought forth, neither one of them have yet to be able to escape the legacy of being an alleged colorist. Yo Gotti is the latest to be hit with accusations of colorism after many internet users pointed out the lack of diversity in the visual for he and DaBaby's new single. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

After the visual for "Drop" premiered over the weekend, it sparked conversation on social media around colorism and how it negatively impacts the rap game. The ready-for-summer video features dozens of women twerking in bathing suits at a pool party. It includes additional scenes of dancers stretching, working out, and doing other aerobic activities. 

Upon its release, many took to social media to point out the visible lack of diversity in the video. “I don’t see no dark-skinned girls,” wrote one person on Yo Gotti's promotional post. Others relayed the same sentiments, with some taking a more neutral "as expected stance."

"Idk why we get so up and arms about it, they been do this for awhile no matter the backlash. Imma put my energy into being mad over something,” another Twitter user explained. In response to the backlash, Gotti took to Instagram to clear up his intentions. 

"Wat they talkn bout [The Shade Room] I luv [chocolate] too we don't discriminate," he wrote before adding the hashtag "#TellEmWatchDaWholeVideo." He attached a clip of different Black women who appeared in the video, offering a different preview of the video than what was originally shared. 

Check out the full video for "Drop" and let us know your thoughts on the debate.