She may have apologized for offending people with the preview of her "Yellow Bone" track, but that didn't stop the public from continuing the discussion about colorism. We previously reported on DaniLeigh's controversial Instagram upload where she shared a snippet of what is expected to be an upcoming single titled "Yellow Bone." Listeners weren't impressed with the song where DaniLeigh sang, "Yellow bone that's what he wants," a song that received a co-sign from DaBaby in the comments, and after receiving criticism, she questioned why she couldn't make a song for her "light skin baddies."

The internet was not kind with its responses, and even a few celebrities chimed in to says that the song wasn't a good look. After tweeting away and stating that this was just another thing that people could hate her about and sharing her ethnic background as being part Black, web sleuths went through her old tweets. People began sharing screenshots of her previous messages that included references that suggested the singer doesn't think of herself as a Black woman.

Soon, DaniLeigh's Twitter was deactivated, but it looks as if things are back, up, and running. Her tweets about the "Yellow Bone" controversy have been deleted, and we wouldn't be surprised if some others are missing, as well. Check out a few responses below.