As America waits impatiently for news on who officially won the 2020 presidential election, it's being reported that President Donald Trump isn't quite finished reaching out to his supporters. This election is closer-than-close with Georgia votes reportedly less than 40,000 between each candidate. News sources have reported that Trump has filed lawsuits against multiple states including Pennsylvania and Michigan in hopes of suppressing votes, and now people are sharing screenshots of Republican campaign emails from Trump-Pence that are spreading false information about Democrats stealing the election while asking people to "fight back."

"THE DEMOCRATS WILL TRY TO STEAL THIS ELECTION!" the alleged email reads. "Just like I predicted from the start, mail-in ballots are leading to CHAOS like you've never seen, plain and simple! The Radical Left is going to do whatever it takes to try and rip a TRUMP-PENCE VICTORY away from you, and that's why I'm coming to you now."

"I need YOUR HELP to ensure we have the resources to protect the results," the message continued. "We can't allow the Left-wing MOB to undermine our Election. I'm asking my fiercest and most loyal defenders, like YOU, to FIGHT BACK!" Some are concerned that the language used in this email can be interpreted by supporters as a cause for violence, and they've taken to social media to vocalize their disapproval. Check out a few responses below.