Since the inception of this controversy, T.I. has been lending his thoughts. The rapper has often come forward with arguable takes on divisive discussions in pop culture, and once DaBaby became a pariah over his Rolling Loud Miami remarks regarding HIV/AIDS and gay men, T.I. hopped online. 

Although this scandal has nothing to do with Lil Nas X, T.I. initially stated that if the "Industry Baby" rapper could do as he pleases and live his truth, then DaBaby should be able to do the same. He was soon hit with backlash, including blistering responses from Amber Rose, Bobby Lytes, Pose actress Indya Moore, and his legal foe, Sabrina Peterson.

On Wednesday (July 28), T.I. returned once again with a few more comments, this time accusing the gay community of harassing rappers. "Everyone up in arms and upset about what DaBaby said. I understand people saying that they feel that it's insensitive," said T.I. "I think you guys have to understand that on stage, that's not the place that rappers go to be sensitive and soothe everybody's feelings. It's a place to go to have a good time."

He added that live concerts seem like a safe space and it's "all done in fun." So, "if that is the case, why do words cause such a visceral reaction that will lead to someone trying to attack, villainize, demonize, crucify, condemn and like, it's, that sh*t is like, now you bullying. We all stood up on behalf of gays and lesbians and people in the gay community because we thought it was some bullsh*t for y'all to have to be bullied."

"But I don't think any of us did that to feel like you would now have the authority to come and bully us." The comments didn't go over well and people made sure to let their voices be heard. Check it out below.