DaBaby's controversial comments during his set in Miami for Rolling Loud continues to make headlines. Everyone from T.I., Amber Rose, to Lil Nas X's father has weighed in on the matter. While celebrity opinion remains divided on the embattled rapper's performance, Ts Madison, who is openly transgender, also weighed in to make her stance on the subject known. 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If you're not up to speed on the drama that has been following DaBaby (drama of his own making, mind you), the rapper has been heavily criticized after he decided to banter on the RL stage about HIV/AIDS, resulting in homophobic comments. 

In response to DaBaby's problematic statements, Ts Madison tweeted "What was the Reason???? Do you kno how many Gays truly BUY and stream your Music &do you the amount of people who are living with HIV/AIDS that you attacked for nothing ?" She continued to say, "Then The Gays break they necks to be at events like that to be completely disrespected."

Ts Madison did not stop there. In a following tweet, she referenced a Cardi B meme and said "I asked simply WHAT WAS THE REASON……." Madison ended the tweet by comparing DaBaby's homophobic remarks to the public's reaction of the newest details behind R.Kelly's pedophilia related crimes. "You found so many reasons to show your nasty rhetoric and justify so much stuff from #DaBaby I honestly expected nothing different, a lot of you are the same ones that loved R KELLY and was on his side till A BOY came forward," Madison concluded. 

Check out Ts Madison's tweets below, as she certainly won't be the last celebrity to speak on DaBaby's homophobic rant.