There isn't a trend in pop culture that he didn't have his hand in, and Soulja Boy is back with another installment of "I did it first." In recent weeks, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have stormed out timelines with their antics as they joke about one another ahead of their appearance on Verzuz. The longtime friends have kept each other on their toes as they post embarrassing photos or share unfavorable stories all for a laugh, but amid the banter, Soulja often returns to remind the public that he was the person who created many of the popular trends that we enjoy today.

He's shared that he's the first rapper to own a Lamborghini phone, the first to become a successful rapper from YouTube, and he even took credit for being the first rapper to have Fanta Jello. Following Floyd Mayweather's bout against Logan Paul, Souja delivered another addition.

It looks as if Soulja Boy dug through the Twitter archives for this one because he retweeted a post from Paul that dates back to 2015. In it, the two stars pose next to one another while Paul displays injuries to his face—makeup from the set of a music video. Soulja used it as the perfect opportunity to troll the vlogger-turned-boxer.

"The day I punched him down [boxing glove emoji][sidewayscrying laughing emoji," he tweeted. "I invented Logan paul." The reactions were plentiful and fans are asking for the two to meet in the ring. Check it out below.