Since he was released from jail, Soulja Boy has been laying low. The often boisterous social media figure is known for showing off his cars, cash, and jewels online while applauding his own accomplishments, but it seems that he's been taking the time to focus on bettering himself. The rapper was sentenced to almost eight months behind bars before he was released five months earlier than scheduled, and as fans await his return to the limelight, YouTube star Jake Paul attempts to troll him back into the spotlight.

Paul has wanted to go toe-to-toe with Soulja Boy in the boxing ring for quite some time, but the plans never blossomed to fruition.  The 22-year-old told TMZ that the two stars have yet to engage in fisticuffs because the rapper is scared of getting a beatdown. "I'm in talks with his manager, and his manager's like, 'I don't know bro, how much money would he make. I don't know, bro. You got them hands."

"I understand where KSI's coming from because he doesn't want to get knocked out," Paul continued. "But Soulja Boy needs something to revive his career right now and this could be it. I think he's stupid if he doesn't do the fight and he's all talk." He added that he doesn't believe that Soulja's career would end after taking him down because "I grew up a Soulja Boy fan and, so after I knocked him out, I'd be like, 'Yo, respect. Let's do a song together, bro!'" Let us know if that's a fight you'd tune in to watch.