This whole Kanye West Twitter thing is getting crazy. As we type thing Ye is still sending out tweets about love, hate, your conscience and physical manifestation. Earlier, he shared a screenshot of a text by his friend John Legend urging him to consider his recent praise of Donald Trump. Kanye thanked him for reaching out but assured him that he will still carry on with his free speech.

In other news surrounding people not championing Kanye anymore, someone out there edited Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's April 2014 Vogue cover to depict Kanye hugging Donald, instead of his wife Kim. 50 Cent shared the cover to Instagram with the caption: "Man who made this shit, 😡get the strap." The legend that is Snoop Dogg commented on the photo, clearly showing that he's done with Kanye. "Them b*itch ass ni**az deserve each other. Get Out the movie is really starring Kanye West as uncle Tom and potus as massa."

Ever since Jordan Peele, the creator of Get Out, replied to Kanye's tweet saying "*Gets inspired *Starts writing ‘Get Out 2.’" Snoop has been sharing posts to his 'Gram hinting at more and more installments of the film starring, of course, Donald and Kanye. Check them out below.