The Twitterverse seemed to be of the opinion that John Legend was actively subtweeting Kanye West in his diatribe warning Americans of their apathy. The longtime friends and collaborators have found endless ways to meet on neutral ground, taking their friendship to a level of "joint family." John's level of kinship and regard for Kanye has brought him to the brink. As of today, Kanye West has put even his friends on blast for questioning his sanity, albeit respectfully. 

Kanye posted a screenshot of a John Legend text message in which the singer urged him to reconsider his support of Donald Trump. The text message infers a real sentiment of apprehension. John questions his friend's decision to "align himself with Trump," with respect to his significant power and influence over others. The irony of his plea lies in the deconstruction of the words "loyal" and "fan." In bunching those words together, John unintentionally implies that Kanye fans have little in the way of objective minds.

Kanye's response is pure comedy, in line with his refusal to acknowledge T. Swift. After accepting John's love and praise, he swiftly offers his buddy a free consultation, flips him on his side, and speaks to him as a psychoanalytic patient. If you aren't in on the joke, step aside. We're all ill-conceived and battered from the moment we enter this Universe, or so he believes.