Kanye West's Twitter has become the most talked about social media page on the internet in just under a week. West has used the social media site to deliver some amazing news (his own solo album, a Kid Cudi collaboration album, and a new Nas album), and some not so amazing news (his support for Donald Trump and Candace Owens). Although free thought and freedom of speech are always encouraged, West is taking both idea to the utmost level of controversy with divisive comments and hilarious opinions. 

While several people have opined that West may be having mental health issues, Chance the Rapper and Kim Kardashian West say otherwise. Jordan Peele, the genius behind the epic suspense film Get Out, took to Twitter to sarcastically (or maybe not) take a shot at the state of West's mental state of mind. "do this look like the sunken place 😂," tweeted Kanye after sharing a picture of the hallways of his home. The lavish living doesn't look like the Sunken Place, but Peele may disagree. 

"*Gets inspired *Starts writing ‘Get Out 2,'" tweeted Peele in response. 

Although from the outside looking in, it seems like Peele is just taking a hilarious shot at Kanye, maybe Yeezy will actually inspire some new content from the talented comedian.