As you know, the Atlanta trap scene has grown tremendously since it initially took off again a few years ago. Right now, the city is still relatively in control of the majority of trends that pop off in the culture. There are several artists responsible for this current wave of artists breaking out of Georgia with Young Thug, Future, and several others coming to mind. Lil Baby is a product of his surroundings but he's managed to carve out a lane for himself, reminding us all that he's got an incredibly high ceiling if he continues on this path. We've heard snippets of his upcoming single "Woah," including a short performance of it at the recent Day N Vegas Festival, and finally the artist is giving us a concrete release date.

Some of Lil Baby's fans expected the song to drop last week but an unclear delay pushed it back to this Thursday and now, Baby is clarifying when we can all hear the full version of "Woah." Providing the fans with a "100 percent guarantee," the Atlanta rapper had a lot of people breathing heavy until tomorrow with his announcement. 

Finally, it's the return of Lil Baby. Despite being quiet all year, he's promising a return to form in 2020, warning us all that he's about to take over. That all starts tomorrow. You love to see this kind of confidence.