Kodak Black's lawyer Bradford Cohen has had a lot to deal with when it comes to his primary client this year. Fighting for Kodak's freedom, Cohen worked hard to ensure that the rapper received as minimal a sentence as possible in regards to his gun charges. Black will be spending the next three years behind bars as a result. Keeping a keen eye on the current situation involving Tekashi 6ix9ine, Cohen has a vested interest in the case. He's just as curious as you and I as to what will happen with the rainbow-haired recording artist tomorrow when he is finally sentenced in relation to the Nine Trey Blood gang trial. After reviewing the situation closely, Cohen believes that Tekashi 6ix9ine will be walking free this week.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Sharing a headline that states that 6ix9ine's prosecutors are seeking a reduced sentence, Cohen explained that it's very possible that he will be released entirely during his court hearing tomorrow. "The Judges give the Government a very significant role in sentencing," he says of the New York justice system. "So much so that if they recommend probation, or time served on a crime that there is a min man. on or a large guideline range sentence, the judge will go along with whatever the Government dictates. So I believe #sixnine #tekashi6ix9ine will get released this week."

Bradford Cohen is not the only person who believes 6ix9ine will be out this week. A number of law professionals have stated the same and rap fans across the world are expecting him to be trolling our asses again upon his release.

Do you think he's on the way out?