Since his incarceration and subsequent trial, it seems as if everybody has offered a take on Tekashi 6ix9ine. Many rappers even used his situation as a talking point during their press runs, reflecting on his turn to "snitching" and the debate surrounding the maligned process. Basically, his moniker continued to ring bells even during his time of absence, a begrudging testament to his stubborn and undeniable artistic magnetism. Yet even amid all the cooperation and the speculation of a clean slate, the legal fate of 6ix9ine remains a mystery. As such, there's a palpable tension building in the weeks leading up to his sentencing date on Wednesday.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

With the judge having already knocked ten years off his sentence by dropping one of his charges, leaving a minimum max of thirty-seven years en lieu of forty-seven, it's uncertain whether 6ix9ine will be rewarded for his infamous cooperation. According to TMZ, 6ix9ine has been in an anxiety-riddled state and understandably so. Nobody really knows what's going to happen to the rainbow wonder, whose signature hair has all but faded back to its natural state. The uncertainty only worsened after publications reported that all charges had been dropped, with this coming Wednesday being named as his release date. Given that the story proceeded to spread like wildfire (6ix9ine is currently trending on Twitter), fans were left confused at the actual state of affairs. 

New York Attorney Moe Gangrat claims that the "fake news" spread after a video he initially made detailing the sentencing process was misconstrued by a publication, and he quickly made a follow-up video clearing the air. Reiterating that his initial video spoke only on "guidelines," he confirms that the Government "has the right to give the court the power to go below the guidelines. The government has done that. They can give whatever sentence they want." He explains that the court rarely goes against the government's recommendation, which in this case would be "time served." As such, the conclusion that 6ix9ine would be released with "time served" was prematurely labeled as fact. 

Aside from Gangrat, friend and collaborator Akademiks took a moment to clear the air, confirming that only ONE of the charges had been dropped after being "deemed illegal." Ak also openly speculated that 6ix9ine would be granted "time served" for his cooperation, though the judge could pull a surprise and hit Tekashi with the thirty-seven years for reasons that would be revealed during the sentencing process. As Ak emphasizes though, such a development would prove unlikely -- especially in light of previously established precedents in trials of this nature. 

Essentially, the government has recommended time served, and granted the courtroom the power to deviate from the guidelines. Publications misunderstood that and implied that 6ix9ine WOULD be granted Time Served, and thus find himself released on Wednesday. In reality, the only thing happening on Wednesday is the sentencing, which may very well play out as both Gangrat and Ak have speculated. However, would it really be surprising to see this one go out with one final bang? Another post on Gangrat's Instagram page ponders whether the Judge might be put off by the viral nature of the 6ix9ine phenomenon, and feel all the more compelled to make an example out of him. That would be a twist. Check back for more news on the upcoming sentencing of Daniel "6ix9ine" Hernandez.