There have been concerns about Famous Dex for years. The rapper has appeared on Livestreams seemingly intoxicated and photos of Dex have been shared causing people to question his sobriety. There was a time when he was boastful about being clean but soon, reports about the rapper possibly abusing drugs surfaced. Rich The Kid even stepped in to make sure Dex was admitted to a rehab center, and after months away from the hustle and bustle of the industry, Dex returned home.

However, as rumors continue to circulate, rapper-comedian Boskoe100 sat down with VladTV to briefly discuss his run-ins with Dex. "He's a strange dude to me," said Boskoe, who claimed he knows one of Dex's ex-girlfriends.

"She was so fly to me. We real cool and I talk to her and I look at him and I watch his antics and I'm just...bro. This dude is like a lost soul," he continued. "He know what, shout out to Famous Dex. I hope he really get himself together. I hope he get his life together."

Vlad added that Dex "seemed like he has deep-seated problems," to which Boskoe replied, "He a dope head. He's a dope fiend... It was like, you had so much potential. Like damn, you had a girl like this, and you f*cked this [up]. She's beautiful... He just a dope head." Boskoe100 went on to say that after witnessing several artists pass away from overdoses, rappers need to "get help with these drug addictions."

Dex is also facing a slew of legal issues stemming from accusations of theft, gun possession, and domestic violence. Watch Boskoe100 express his concerns below.