The ongoing animosity between Famous Dex and his fellow rappers continues to intensify. Recently, Dex spouted insults King Von's way, and now it looks like he has Lil Reese in his crosshairs as he unleashed a verbal attack on the rapper. In a clip shared by Akademiks, Famous Dex dropped a series of insults as he not only called Reese a series of names, but he also mentioned the embarrassing viral video that is 6ix9ine recently reenacted to make fun of Lil Reese.

"Them boys made you sh*t on yourself, boy. You better be cool," Famous Dex said in the video. "You b*tch ass lil' boy. You f*ggot ass n*gga. You just saw me over there when I was shooting dice with yo b*tch ass and you ain't said nothin' bro. Stop going to the internet bro. Stop doing all that... You's a b*tch, Lil Reese. You's a real life ho. On my son." Dex pretty much repeated the latter portion for the remainder of the clip.

Later, Reese responded to Dex's insults over on Twitter. "This coke head crack head ass n*gga must be gettin paid from 69," he wrote. Then, a user added that he'd "knockout" Dex if someone paid him $50. "On gang bro," Reese replied. Hopefully, this will end peacefully. Check it all out below.