This past weekend, Famous Dex sparked concern across the Internet after a slew of Instagram posts where he didn't appear to be in the greatest condition. Dex has never been one to shy away from discussing his substance abuse issues but this particular post suggested that he was going through some serious personal issues. There was a general concern for his mental health, in addition to the possibility of his issues with drugs becoming worse.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Earlier today, it was reported that Famous Dex had entered rehab. Details surrounding his entry into the facility remained scarce but it seems like Rich The Kid may have been a supportive figure in Dex's corner in these times. Before hopping off the 'Gram, he was spotted alongside Rich The Kid who seemingly picked him up in his Rolls Royce and took him directly to a private jet before Famous Dex checked into rehab.

Rich The Kid and Famous Dex have had their ups and downs over the years but ultimately, it seems like they always pull through for each other at the end of the day. Of course, Rich The Kid signed Famous Dex to the Rich Forever imprint who released Dex's last album, Diana

We'll keep you posted on any more updates regarding Famous Dex. Check out Rich The Kid's Instagram posts below.