Famous Dex's drug use has been well-documented over the last few years and many fans have grown concerned over his condition. Many people care for the artist and they don't want to see him hurt himself. Just yesterday, Dex posted a video to Instagram which shows him previewing some brand new music. In the video, Dex looks dazed and confused all while the lyrics of the song describe a man who is depressed and losing the will to live. It was a disturbing clip that had many worried about what Dex is going through.

Immediately after the clip went viral, John Gabbana, who used to go by the name Boonk Gang, took to Instagram with some words of encouragement for Dex. Boonk has been through his own issues with drug abuse and wanted to make sure the rapper was doing okay.

"Hey brother, I remember when we first met a while ago in LA at Studio City Sound and man you seemed genuinely happy," Gabbana wrote. "I don't know how life's going for you right now but from the outside looking in man it's not looking so good. You don't look healthy broski and at this time of life, the only thing that matters is our health. [...] I'm not here to judge you. I just want to give you some words of encouragement. It's never too late to make a change."

There has yet to be a word on whether or not Dex accepted the help from Gabbana, although we wish him nothing but the best, moving forward.