Surely, a good number of folks have already relegated Boonk Gang to the discard pile. His antics can be, how do I say this delicately: absolutely cringeworthy. Known to his close confidantes by his given name John Gabbana, Boonk Gang has made a career out of disturbing innocent bystanders, pranking them, and oftentimes, doing away with their valuables with a running start.

Unfortunately, his latest prank didn't exactly go as planned. As he explains in the above video, Boonk's injurious claims were the result of an individual sucker-punching him before he could manage the upper hand, and play the role of a prankster.

As of Monday, Boonk posted a video dating back to Monday at the earliest, in which he lies incapacitated in a hospital bed, his johnny shirt splattered red with blood markings.

In a subsequent video update, Boonk displays the upshot of the surgical procedure he was forced to endure as a result of the sucker-punch. He then somehow manages to relay (through typing) the after-effects of the surgery: his jaw, will be wired shut for the next 6 weeks, limiting his ability to enunciate the basic functions of the English language. Boonk has shown himself to be such a deplorable character, that even in the darkest of hours, one must consider his motives, deceptive in nature. Is Boonk lying through his teeth FOR THE CLOUT, or did Karma rear its ugly head?