Famous Dex's health issues have been the focal point of concern recently. Though many people have previously expressed worries surrounding Famous Dex's use of substances, he's seemingly brushed off concerns in the past. However, it was this weekend when he posted a picture of himself looking alarmingly thin with a blunt in his mouth that made fans rush his comments demanding that he seeks help immediately. Even John Gabbana, formerly known as Boonk Gang, extended his support for Dex.

"You don't look healthy broski and at this time of life, the only thing that matters is our health," Gabbana wrote in an open letter to Dex. "I'm not here to judge you. I just want to give you some words of encouragement. It's never too late to make a change."

Evidently, Dex wasn't trying to hear any of it -- from Gabbana or anyone else -- and issued a statement to anyone who's worried about him.

"Stop worrying about the next mothafucka that's doing drugs... The world of drugs," he said in response as he slurred through his speech. "I used to love doing whatever. I got money, I could do whatever the fuck I wanna do, goofy ass bitch. Fuck you worried about me fo'?"

Per AllHipHop, Dex has entered into rehab, though it's unclear the circumstances surrounding his admission into the facility. As noted, his struggles with substance abuse have been well-documented. 

The rapper has cleared his Instagram page with his last story being posted late last night. He shared a post that simply read, "Be back soon." It seems like that could be confirmation from Dex's end that he has, in fact, entered rehab.