The road to sobriety isn't an easy one, but 24-year-old rapper Famous Dex has recently announced that he's quit Xanax and lean for the good of himself and his family. With a clearer mind, the Chicago rapper has been thinking about what career moves he wants to make, many of which may be deterred because of his choices to fill his face with tattoos. Recently he added to his collection by inking a pink ribbon in remembrance for his mother who passed away from breast cancer, but he said that he regrets many of his face tattoos.

"I started getting tattoos," he motions around his face. "I regret mostly getting all the tattoos on my face." When asked why, he said, "Because I want like...I regret a lot...for one, I want to do movies. I want to do a lot of movies. I want to do a lot of commercials. And that kind of affects your image, you know what I'm saying?" He could get them removed with laser treatments, but he admitted, "I'm scared of that sh*t."

When speaking about his recovery, Dex said he has too much to live for to risk losing it all to addiction. "I stopped that completely," Dex said. "I've been clean for almost a month because it was just f*cking me up. I'm young, I'm 24. I got kids I love and all that, so...I just want to tell my whole youth that listen to me anyway, it ain't what you do, it's how you do it. Don't put sh*t that you don't want in your body because it's really killing us, you know."

Although he doesn't say it specifically in the clip, Dex could be referring to young artists like Mac Miller and Lil Peep whose recent accidental overdose deaths have rocked the entertainment industry. "And they say we die young 'cause we livin' fast," he said. "That's why all us young n*ggas dying young. I'm sorry for sayin' n*ggas. All us young guys dying young. We livin' so fast."