Coming off his bout with Floyd Mayweather which he performed surprisingly not terribly in, Logan Paul has become more and more of an actual presence as opposed to his former existence as a Vine funny guy/prankster. In the wake of going toe-to-toe with Mayweather and the rising success of his Impaulsive podcast, it feels as if Paul is taking steps towards becoming real-life famous and not just internet famous.

logan paul

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Just a couple of weeks ago, in fact, a situation blew up in which a man quit his $100K/year job in an attempt to find Paul and work for the boxer/podcaster. Paul denied his request for employment but the fact that people look at Paul as someone who could grant that kind of opportunity and not just as the guy who caught a million-dollar lawsuit for filming a video in a Japanese "suicide forest." 

And what better step towards legitimacy to take is there than making an appearance on Drake's Instagram story?

We all know about the Drake stimulus package when it comes to music, but what about social media? 

Earlier today, Drake posted a pic of himself and Paul, dressed to the nines, on his story. There was no caption. No commentary. Just a picture of the two that featured Drake throwing up his signature 6 hand-sign and Paul looking too bashful to look at the camera.

Obviously Paul has a massive following of his own and, alongside his brother and fellow boxer Jake Paul (who also shared a recent interaction with Drizzy), can make waves himself, but getting the IG story from someone like Drake elevates him into a different echelon of celebrity. And coming off a week in which late-night host Jimmy Kimmel compared Paul to Donald Trump and grouped them together as the "worst people in the world," Paul definitely needed a win. 

Maybe he can give the Certified Lover Boy some boxing tips, too. 

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