The backlash against the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas has been a slow rise as the Sin City resort stands accused of racism. Meek Mill attempted to visit the hotel so that he could attend a DJ Mustard concert, but before he even got out of his vehicle, the rapper and his entourage were denied entry. They were given the excuse that due to Meek's previous incident with security, he wasn't allowed on the property. Meek told them no such incident occurred, and when he asked for more information regarding their report, they told him they didn't have it on them at the time.

They wouldn't even let Meek go on site to get something to eat. He was told he was trespassing and if he didn't vacate immediately, he would be arrested. Not surprisingly, Meek was outraged by the confrontation and his treatment. His lawyer made statements claiming that Meek intended to sue the Cosmopolitan Hotel for discriminating against black recording artists. The hotel later maintained that Meek was turned away because they were at capacity, not because he was black and a rapper.

Yo Gotti issued a statement in support of Meek, saying that he, too, received the same treatment at the Cosmopolitan and other Vegas hotels. Meek called for a "cultural ban" of the Cosmo, and 50 Cent took to Instagram to stand in agreement. " I won’t stay at the cosmo till this is resolved," he wrote. T.I. commented on Fif's post, saying that he'd join in the fight, as well. 

As the controversy has placed the establishment in the crosshairs of accusations of racism, TMZ reports that they've spoken with people at the hotel who insist they would never discriminate against anyone. According to them, they've gone above and beyond to accommodate rappers and their entourages in the past, including outfitting them with a VIP staff who makes sure their stay is as comfortable as possible. They claim they have "zero tolerance for discrimination."