The fallout from those resurfaced tweets is reportedly disrupting Chrissy Teigen's business partnerships. Recently, Courtney Stodden, the once-16-year-old who married 50-year-old The Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison back in 2011, revealed that all those years ago when Stodden was a minor, the model received messages from Teigen urging the teen to "take a dirt nap." Other resurfaced tweets of Teigen's show that Stodden wasn't the only person that the model mogul sent scathing messages to, and Teigen returned with an apology.

She shared that she was "embarrassed" and "ashamed" of her behavior and offered an apology to Stodden. However, Stodden stated that Teigen never reached out to her privately or directly contacted her, and soon, Candace Owens jumped in. The conservative pundit went off on Teigen and even asked Target, who sells "Craving by Chrissy Teigen" cookware, if they approved of this behavior. Today (May 13), it was announced that Target pulled her line.

Chrissy Teigen, Courtney Stodden, Suicide, Target

While there has been speculation that this latest scandal from Teigen caused her to lose a partnership with the mega-retail chain, TMZ reports that their "sources" claim that isn't the case. The outlet states that those sources revealed Teigen and Target's "mutual and amicable decision" to part ways was reached back in December because she's wanted to break their exclusivity contract so that she could sell her products in other retailers.

As much as people are calling for Teigen to be axed from her business deals, TMZ states that she isn't "feeling the heat" regarding the Stodden controversy.