Chris Brown will be not be showing up to court anytime soon in his alleged rape case, as the judge has ordered for his initial trial date to be postponed in an effort to maintain social distancing measures amid the coronavirus pandemic. The trial was initially scheduled to take place on April 27th, 2020, but, according to court documents, a Los Angeles judge has removed the date from the calendar. The order states that, “the court finds good cause to advance and vacate the final status conference and trial dates in this matter.” The trial date has yet to be rescheduled.

Chris Brown alleged rape sexual assault trial court postponed lawsuit  Lowell Grissom Jr. coronavirus social distancing effortsBrian Ach/Getty Images for Something in the Water

Chris, along with his friend, Lowell Grissom Jr., is being sued by a Jane Doe for allegedly raping her in Chris' Tarzana home in February 2017. The woman claims she had attended an after-party at his house, where the two men allegedly confiscated her phone and tried to give her cocaine, molly, and marijuana before assaulting her. Chris and Lowell have denied any wrongdoing and have requested for the case to be dismissed.

The singer has faced a myriad of issues in this legal battle. His legal representation withdrew from the case back in February, as a result of his inability to meet his obligations under their contract. "Over the past several months," his lawyer, Blair Berk, explained, "Mr. Brown has not met his material obligations under the terms of our engagement letter, and has rendered it unreasonably difficult for Tarlow & Berk to carry out the representation effectively. Our relationship with Mr. Brown has come to a point where Tarlow & Brown and I can no longer adequately defend or represent him.” After Jane Doe demanded he be grilled under oath, Chris was also ordered to sit for a deposition and pay $2,500 to his alleged victim.