The success of Chris Brown's massive Indigo release continues as the singer is in the thick of his IndiGOAT Tour, but that doesn't mean he's immune from setbacks. Breezy scored his third No. 1 record with his star-studded project that has become a favorite among fans worldwide, yet while he enjoys the fruits of his labor, the singer must attend to a lawsuit by one of his back up dancers.

Earlier this month we reported that a woman named Danielle Griffin was hired as a dancer for one of Brown's music videos two years ago. She claims that someone on set poured fake blood into her eyes after telling her the substance was safe. Griffin stated in court documents that the liquid caused harm to her eyes and she's seeking damages to cover medical bills and loss of wages to the tune of $25K.

Now, TMZ has obtained one image of Griffin's injury that shows yellow puss oozing from her eyes. You can check that out here. While this seems like something that should be blamed on production or the person responsible for pouring the foreign substance, Griffin holds both Brown and his video production team at fault. It's said that the video she briefly worked on was for "High End" featuring Young Thug and Future.

The publication also states that they've spoken to Griffin's attorney who shared that the dancer visited three hospitals in a 24 hour period. The injuries to her eyes reportedly forced her to not only miss out on job opportunities but to drop out of her master's degree program, as well.