There are a few rappers and artists that have pretty stellar car collections. Young Dolph has one of the most original fleets, getting everything custom painted in a one-of-a-kind camouflage wrap. Of course, people like Kanye West and Jay-Z and a little less flashy about their whips but you know they're pushing some special vehicles in their garages. As for Chris Brown, the man absolutely loves to remind people that he's well-off. You'll never see him riding around in a Honda Civic. Part of his daily fun comes from making a decision that many of us envy: "which car should I drive today?" If you're an avid reader of the HNHH comments section, you've likely already come across Deathstroke, who would happily remind you of every single vehicle in Breezy's collection. Here's the latest addition.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The multi-talented recording artist shared a photo of himself in the driver's seat of a very fancy sports car. The whip was custom-painted to be a shiny gold color and, in order to show off his brand allegiance, he had a famous logo added as a decal to the side. When you see Brown riding down the freeway, you'll already know of his risk-taking status and ambition because the Nike Swoosh is plastered on his whip. Sometimes, you've just gotta do it.

Is this one of your favorite cars out of his entire collection? If not, let us know your fav.