Cardi B has been extremely active when it comes to politics over the last few years as she has always tried to educate her fans about political candidates and how they can help their communities. During the Democratic primaries, Cardi B interviewed Bernie Sanders where they discussed Democratic Socialism and how it could help millions of people who are struggling in the United States. Back in August, Cardi sat down with President-Elect Joe Biden as she wanted to learn more about his platform and how he would help those who are disenfranchised.

Her foray into the political realm has been heavily criticized by those on the right, including the likes of Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens. The latter believes that Cardi is not a good role model, while Shapiro infamously went viral for his breakdown of the hit song "WAP." On Saturday, Cardi ended up with the last laugh as Biden was elected President of the United States following a win in Pennsylvania. With Biden's win in mind, Cardi took to Instagram where she congratulated Biden, all while taking some swipes at Candace and Ben.

"Couple of weeks ago I was getting chewed up by Trump supporters over this interview especially by miss Candace who has been degrading my name for 2 years straight," Cardi wrote. "I was so nervous for this interview especially because it was on zoom and not in person but it was important for my followers to get to know our running candidate and future president. Republicans like Candace, Shapiro, Fox news made fun of me ,talk so much shit about me and my song WAP.

"They said Biden use me as a pawn then weeks later we seen a list of rappers and artists that Trump was trying to reach out to and to pay for support a list that included my name. I never got payed a dollar from Biden I just wanted to get to know him and open my fans up to the importance of voting.Im so proud of all these celebs who uses their platform and for the people who went out and voted WE DID IT! Don’t let nobody down play you for what you doing that’s how they try to take away your power .YOUR POWER IS YOUR VOICE!Congrats Biden! Your family here, and in Heaven are very proud of you! Also congratulations to Kamala you made history!"

Cardi B

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Based on her comments, it's clear that Cardi won't be exiting the political realm anytime soon, and with mid-term elections coming up in 2022, we can be sure to see Cardi interviewing some of the potential Democratic candidates who could shape the future of the country.

As for Biden, barring any Supreme Court rulings in Donald Trump's favor, he will be sworn in as President on January 20th of 2021.