Cardi B hopped on Instagram live with Bernie Sanders on Tuesday night to discuss a myriad of issues, including the coronavirus pandemic and the former presidential candidate's previous opponents. Cardi has been an avid and vocal Bernie supporter for quite some time now, so it's no surprise that he would ask her to join him in a virtual discussion about politics. Among this wide range of topics was the current president, Donald Trump, and how he's been handling this global health crisis. Cardi criticized Trump's approach to coronavirus and listed the things he could have done to improve the situation.

While Cardi was discussing a conspiracy theory among Trump supporters that the coronavirus pandemic is merely a Democratic tactic to hurt Trump's chances at re-election, Cardi countered Trump's common claim that the Dems have been pushing "propaganda" to make him look bad. "Honey, you don't need the Democrats to make you look bad," she said, directing her remarks at Trump. "You make your own self look bad. There were so many chances that he had when interviewers asked him questions that he could have answered with the right answer that would make people be like, 'OK, he actually cares.' And instead of him giving a right answer, he just shushed them off or just degrades them. It's like, you don't need no Democrat to make you look bad. Sir, you make your own self look bad." Cardi also points out that the severity of the pandemic in the United States could have been significantly reduced back in January, but Trump didn't take the proper precautions early enough (or at all).

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Later in their conversation, Cardi asks Bernie about his recent endorsement of Joe Biden following his own withdrawal from the race. The rapper explains that young voters just "don't rock" with Biden as a presidential nominee because of his outdated centrist views. Bernie ensures her that the ultimate goal is to defeat Trump in the election, hence his endorsement. He's also hoping that he can work with Biden to instill more progressive ideas into his platform. Check out the full exchange below or go to Bernie's website.