Azealia Banks saw that hip-hop publication XXL was asking their followers for their favorite breakout single of the last few years, but she was clearly peeved that they left off her song "212" from the list. The options included Playboi Carti's "Magnolia," Chief Keef's "I Don't Like," Juice WRLD's "Lucid Dreams," DaBaby's "Suge," Pop Smoke's "Welcome To The Party," and more. 

The New York rapper took to Instagram to share her frustration with the list, saying, "'212' by Azealia Banks was a much better breakout single than all of this opiod fueled bullshit @xxl." The song, which is still successful almost a full decade later, was left off XXL's list despite it serving as the launching pad for Banks' music career. She continued to speak her mind on her story, dissing DaBaby, XXXTentacion, and other rappers that were mentioned by the publication.

"Can we stop giving male rappers credit for being pillheads?" asked the controversial artist. "Can we create a category for rappers who aren't addicted to synthetic heroin... Please? The way black men applaud each other for Crackheadism is really annoying. It's not art. Stop."

Azealia continued by claiming that her song "212" is undeniably "the best breakout single for a female rapper in history." She backtracked a second to give praise to Fetty Wap, who broke out with "Trap Queen," before deciding that "212" is more of a banger. 

"Lovely how women get penalized for having a bad attitude when literally everyone on that xxl breakout list is on video stomping and slapping women out...... Chief keef, xxxtenttacion & dababy are literal abusers...... Hiphop is f*cking pitiful."

What do you think about Azealia Banks' latest comments? Do you agree or disagree with them?