He may have been found guilty assault, but at least A$AP Rocky can move forward from his harrowing experience with the Swedish judicial system. Upon the rapper's return home, there were plenty of people who wanted to connect with him immediately, including his A$AP Mob brother, A$AP Ferg

The longtime friends kept in contact while Rocky was locked up in jail for a month, and when he was released prior to the verdict, the two linked up for a wild night. First, Ferg said, Rocky showed off his fingernails. "He had a smiley face, he had a broken heart," Ferg told Billboard. "He had different sh*t. He was like, 'Yo. Check the nails out.' [Laughs] We were just partying when we seen each other. We partied all through the night, and when we broke day, I had woke him up to go to Kanye's Sunday Service."

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

That's when Ferg said Rocky's mood shifted. "On our way there, it was kind of quiet. He was just talking about his experience being in there and how he was happy to be home, but then, when we got there, the preacher was preaching and the people were singing and he got quiet. Two other people that were locked up with him, one of them started crying, and [another] was just quiet and was in the moment. We all just hugged it out. We were just happy to say that our brothers were home."

Ferg also mentioned that while there were plenty of people supporting Rocky because they call him a friend, his relationship with Rocky is real. No matter what they go through or how often they see each other, they're brothers, through and through. "We make it happen and I always make sure my brother is good," he said. "All of my brothers."