Yesterday was a good day for Cardi B. Over the course of the past few weeks, she’s been slated to receive her first number one single with “Bodak Yellow.” While it did take some time, it finally happened. However, in the midst of the news, Cardi B decided to participate in the #ForTheDick challenge.

Last night on Instagram, Cardi B shared her own version of the “For The D” challenge. While she’s among Tiffany Hadish and Erykah Badu that previously participated, Cardi takes it to a whole other level. Cardi is definitely willing to do a lot, as you could hear in the clip. While she does mention that she’d snitch for the dick, she captioned the post with “I don’t think I can RAT tho I see you in heaven for that dick cause I Rather DIE!!!” So regardless, Cardi’s willing to do a lot.

“I’ll kidnap myself for that dick/ make my parents pay the ransom for that dick/ I’ll go to trial for that dick/ I ain’t no snitch but mothafucka, it was him for that dick/ bury the block for that dick/ make Nicki, Remy talk for that dick/ I love my family but man, Illuminati which one of my cousins do you want for that dick” Cardi raps before theatrically storming off to laughter. Meanwhile, her friends gas her up with adlibs in the background.

Cardi B is among many others to tackle the “For The D*ck/For the P**sy” challenge. New Orleans rapper GameOva Reedy kicked off the trend earlier this year. However, after Erykah Badu teamed up with Michael Blackson to do their own version of the challenge earlier this week, it seemed to have sparked a slew of others to follow. Following Erykah Badu’s version, 21 Savage and Slaughter Gang also did their own version of the “For The P*ssy” challenge. YoungBoy Never Broke Again also participated in the challenge but in his own way. The rapper freestyle’d about what he wouldn’t do for the pussy.

Watch Cardi B’s #ForTheDick Challenge below: